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  1. The content of your argument should be
    • Original, namely, your own argument
    • Either for or against the existence of God
    • Or against one of the key premises of any of the arguments we’ve covered so far
      • for example: Rowe’s argument is against the premise that “It is possible that a maximally great being exists” in Plantinga’s version of the Ontological argument

2. Present your argument in the following format:

1)  Premise 1

2)  Premise 2

3)  Premise 3

4)  ……

5)  Conclusion

3. Make sure that your argument is valid and sound

    • Valid argument: the premises necessarily lead to the conclusion; or in other words, there’s no way that the conclusion can be false if all premises are true. For example, if you accept (1) and (2) in the following to be true, then you must also accept that the conclusion (C) is true.

  (1) All cats are reptiles.

  (2) Bugs Bunny is a cat.

  (C) So Bugs Bunny is a reptile.

    • Sound argument: a valid argument with true premises. If any of (1) and (2) in the above argument is not true, then it is not a sound argument.

4. Provide sub-arguments for your premises if needed. But the argument schemata must not exceed one page.

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