1. Principles of Macro • Should the United States government attempt to operate under a balanced budget? Why, or why not? 75 words 2. Health Resources & Policy Analytics • Recall what you have l

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1. Principles of Macro

• Should the United States government attempt to operate under a balanced budget? Why, or why not? 75 words

2. Health Resources & Policy Analytics

• Recall what you have learned in this unit about incrementalism. In your opinion, when is it beneficial to use this strategy in healthcare policy reform? What are the possible risks? 75 words

3. Medical terminology

• Describe strategies that healthcare personnel can use to define and build medical terms.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

• In your opinion, do you feel it is necessary for medical administrative staff who do not work directly with patients to have knowledge of how medical terminology is built and what each part of a medical term means? Why, or why not? 75 words

• Share an example of how an administrative healthcare professional may use knowledge of directional terms, planes, and regions of the human body in their position. 75 words

4. Liberal Arts Math

• Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available to assist you with understanding the material. Watch the Introduction to Learning Tools video, and practice using the tools within your Unit I Homework assignment. Click here to view the transcript for this video. Also, the Mathematics Research Guide available on the library homepage is located here. This could be a great resource for you if you’re seeking resources related to unit assignments or for further study related to this course’s materials. What learning tools do think will be the most beneficial to you? Why? What tools do you think you may have trouble using throughout the course? Why? 75 words

• Click here to view a video concerning the challenges students face when taking online courses. This video features closed captioning. Please click on “CC” at the bottom of the video screen to view it. Describe two challenges that you face when trying to learn math online. Be sure to use examples that are specific to you personally. What are two methods that you have used or can use to help yourself overcome these challenges? Think about the resources that are available to you through CSU and MyMathLab to help you answer this question. 75 words

5. Principles Management

• Recall your experiences in your current or past work environment. What happened when a manager used a good strategy to decide something significant and effectively planned, prepared, directed, and controlled the effort? Briefly describe the situation, then discuss the results. 75 words

• Provide an example of a time when you were either the manager or a subordinate and there was a lack of planning that affected a human resources-related effort you were part of. Share one issue that occurred, and identify what you, as a manager (or subordinate), did to recover and move on from this incident. 75 words

6. Business Ethics

• Be sure to read the article by Trevino, Hartman, and Brown titled “Moral Person and Moral Manager” in the required reading section before responding to the following question. Plato asked, which extreme would you rather be: “an unethical person with a good reputation or an ethical person with a reputation for injustice?” Or would you rather be perceived as ethically neutral—someone who has no ethical reputation at all?  75 words

• Based on Simms’ (1994) articulation of psychological privacy to promote development of self-identity, for example, do you believe that employers should have the right to monitor prospective and current employee’s social media accounts? Why, or why not? 75 words

7. Managerial Accounting

• When considering Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), discuss your feeling on how much a corporation should be concerned about their (the company’s) effect on the planet and people.75 words

• Identify an experience, whether personal or someone you know, with sunk costs. Discuss how their relevance to decisions came into effect. Explain why or why not. 75 words

8. Financial Management

• Think about the six principles of finance covered in this unit. After reviewing each principle, which do you think stands out as the most important and which is the least important? Explain. Would your answer change if you were the stockholder of the company versus the manager of the company? Why, or why not? 75 words

• In general, most people in the United States invest and save money through financial institutions. These banks are considered a safe place to keep our money and take advantage of interest-bearing accounts. However, what would happen if suddenly these financial institutions failed and “went under?” Think about some of the effects of this situation. Do you think individuals should stop relying on banks to invest? Explain. 75 wrods

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