1 to 1 and half page (PHILOSPHY)

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Please read the assignment below carefully and see the attached file for the reading part and write 1 to 1 and 1/2 pages

Kant, Lying Handout. Second In-Class Writing.

  • Is there ever a time you can lie to another person according to Kant?
  • Do you have the duty to tell everyone the truth or only to some people?
  • What about if a murderer comes to your door asking where your friend is?

Second In-Class Writing Assignment: this reading is an application of Tuesday’s morality on the specific issue of the morality of truth telling and lying. The passage in particular for you to explain in your essay is the fourth full paragraph on page 64, beginning “Truthfulness in statements…”. Your job is to just explain and opine on Kant; in this article he argues with a guy named Constant. Explain Constant at your own risk, I am not expecting you to do that, but if you think it will help you, go ahead. I am much more concerned with you just explaining Kant on the duty towards truthfulness.

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