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Time: 3 days.  Answer these questions. Reanding the 19 ppt. These 20 questions’ answer from the 19 ppt.   No more than 150 words on each question

1)     Scope of Marketing

2)     Marketing Strategies

3)     Environmental Forces

4)     BCG Portfolio Analysis

5)     The Product – Market Grid

6)     SWOT Analysis

7)     Marketing Mix

8)     Consumer Purchase Decision Process

9)     Consumer Involvement and Problem-Solving Types

10)  Consumer Purchase Influences – Marketing Mix, Psychological, Socio-cultural, Situational details

11)  Hierarchy of Needs

12)  Industrial or Organizational Buyer Behaviour & Influences

13)  Characteristics and Dimensions of Organizational Buyer Behaviour

14)  Porters Diamond of National Competitive Advantage

15)  Strategies for Global Market Entry

16)  Types of Marketing Research – Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal

17)  Semiotics and Cross Cultural Analysis

18)  Segmentation (& methods) and Targeting

19)  Product Positioning using Positioning Maps

20)  New-Product Development Process and the purpose of each stage

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