2-3 Case Study: Iliad: FreeMobile to Challenge the French Mobile Incumbents

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After reviewing the MarketLine report,(posted below) complete the following analysis:


  1. Identify the key economic characteristics of the French wireless/telecom segment (U.S. SIC code 4813, UK SIC 6110) of the communications services industry.
  2. Conduct a five forces analysis for this industry for France.
  3. What opportunities and threats does the French market offer to Iliad (FreeMobile)?
  4. What generic strategy discussed in the module is Iliad adopting through its FreeMobile strategic business unit? Has Iliad selected the best generic strategy (out of the five) with the introduction of its FreeMobile strategic business unit to compete successfully?
  5. If you were in a meeting with the three rivals, what would you recommend as a strategic response?

Suggested Resources:
Iliad Annual Report

Library Databases:

  • Company information: OneSource and MarketLine
  • Industry information: MarketLine (France), Net Advantage (global)
  • France PESTL report: MarketLine

Commentary may include Reuters, WSJ, Financial Times, or telecom/wireless industry reports

For additional details, please refer to the Case Study Guidelines and Rubric document posted below

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