2 More Annotations for research question :How does mandatory healthcare affect families financially?

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Submit complete annotations (that means citation, summary paragraph, and evaluation paragraph) for 2 more sources.They can be scholarly or non-scholarly. Please do these thoroughly so that you won’t have to redo them for your final Annotated Bibliography.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind–

  • citation–look it up in Resources or Purdue Owl.
  • summary paragraph–
    • start with “who-what” sentence
    • give the argument, supporting evidence, and then the findings
  • evaluation paragraph–
    • for scholarly sources, you don’t need to say if reliable
    • for non-scholarly sources, you need to investigate author, publication, etc.
    • for both, critique study/argument/material presented–consider claims, types of support, size of study, language used, etc.; are there limitations or biases?
    • for both, you ultimately want to say whether you are convinced by the study, argument, information–not by “the article”
    • for both, state specifically how you will use in your project, what new info it provides, further questions raised

State your research question at the top of the page. Use Times New Roman 12 and double space and format your paper using the MLA guidelines.

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