2 reflection posts 1

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This is new refelction posts, please help me do it. I hope you are doing well recently.


  1. Compare the politics of Machiavelli’s Renaissance Italy to politics today. Are politicians still “Machiavellian”? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What’s good about Machiavelli’s ideas about political power?
  2. Write about whatever interests you in Montaigne’s writing so far! And explain why it’s interesting! What questions do you have about these texts?
  3. Don Quixote is very funny but also violent and disturbing. Why does Cervantes blend comedy and tragedy in this way? What effect does this blending have?

2 reflection posts, to be posted by Tuesday, July 17th to your group discussion board—at least 350 words developing your thoughts on the reading or working through a question posed by me in a prompt. Please pay attention to the course Announcements page for reminders and updates on these. These reflection posts are awarded between 0 – 10 points and will be graded according to how well you stay on topic and explore the prompt and whether or not you’ve met the length requirement. Summaries of the texts will receive ZERO points—I want you to write your thoughts on the text, not what the text is about.

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