215(2). Follow the requirement to write a short email.

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1.Imagine you are writing a short email to another coworker
regarding how to develop an effective agenda. Draft that email below. In your
email, be sure to explain what it takes to write an effective agenda and all
the parts that you should include. Make sure you provide examples for each


Dear team,

(the significance of setting up
agenda)…(how to write an effective agenda)….(what you should do)…(detailed

1.discuss what you think are the two most important strategies for keeping
a group focused on its goals. Give specific examples.

Key terms:

Functional approach:

An approach to group problem solving that assumes that to
achieve a group goal, group members should perform certain communication

Results-driven structure:

A structure that causes a group to focus its efforts on
the actions it needs to take to achieve its goals.


The written plan for achieving the goals during a group
meeting; typically includes items for discussion, action, and information.

2.One member of your group continues to pull the discussion off
track, and he or she doesn’t seem to be able to focus on the topics the agenda
covers. As the group leader, what strategies would you use to keep the meeting
on schedule? Give specific examples and utilize terminology from the lesson.


DO NOT copy anything from any website or any individual’s paper.

All the work has to be 100 percent original!

Any kind of plagiarism will not be accepted.

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