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You must create a thread in response to the Discussion Board prompt. Your thread must be at least 500 words and must include 1 source from a peer-reviewed journal article (outside of the assigned course readings)

Forum 1

Thread: Describe in detail 5 reasons why a professional school
counselor working with children and adolescents must be knowledgeable about
development when working with children, adolescents, and/or their parents.

Board Forum 2

A professional school counselor wants to set up a group for junior high
students. List and explain at least 5 logistical issues the counselor needs to
consider before the group can start. In addition, which ASCA Ethical Standards
would need to be considered? Would the issues and ethical standards be the same
or different at the elementary level? Would the issues and ethical standards be
the same at the high school level?

Discussion Board 3

Discuss 3 play therapy strategies in detail and give an example of how you
would implement them in an actual session with a 7-year-old boy whose parents
are divorcing.

Board 4

The professional school counselor in the case “Carving a Mask,” from the Vernon
text, was confronted with a student from a culture different from his own. What
would be the challenges you would have faced if you had been the counselor? What
steps are you taking to ensure that you will be as prepared as possible for
multicultural counseling situations?

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