5 double spaced page paper( very important) mUST BE 5 pAGES DOUBLED spaced

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Students in this class were asked to do several self and 360 observer assessments:

  1. Completion of the online Student Leadership Practices Inventory 360 (including both the self-assessment and at least 8 observer assessments).
  2. Completion of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter: http://keirsey.com/sorter/register.aspx (unless the student has done either the MBTI or Keirsey assessment previously).



.Each student will reflect in writing about what she learned about themselves from the self-assessment tools and then will develop a leadership action plan that is based on and uses the information from the self-assessments to describe: (a) his/her current self, drawing from the self-assessments, (b) his/her ideal self and both near term and lifetime career goals (should be consistent with self-assessment information), and (c) a plan of action to further develop leadership capabilities, including the steps that will be taken to reach those goals.

Note: The action plans should address two or three specific areas where the student needs to improve leadership skills and capabilities that are appropriate to one’s career goals and should be based on information from the self-assessments and strengths feedback from the Roberts Reflected Best Self exercise. There should also be a plan for monitoring the progress so that students can determine whether they have met their goals. Self-monitoring of the leadership action plan should allow one to determine if there has been improvement, what else needs to be done, and what should come next. Improving one’s leadership skills involves receiving and productively using coaching, so use the feedback from these assessments as a means of receiving coaching.

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