5 paragraph essay respond (400-500 words.)

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It is American History Assignment.

Please pick one of the three topic to write a 5 paragraphs essay respond.

1. Noting especially the colonies in Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, assess carefully how religion affected the formation of the different colonies.

2.Analyze the relations between the Indians and the Spanish and English, assessing especially the thought of Las Casas, Roger Williams, William Penn and Columbus, John Smith, and Nathaniel Bacon. What attitudes shaped white policy toward the Indians?

3. Analyze the evolution of the federal government, including the Articles of Confederation to the drafting of the Constitution, compromises made by the framers of the Constitution, and the rivalry between the Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans.

Be sure the essay will be the past tense. Arrange your facts in chronological order.

Proofread to be sure you have eliminated spelling and grammatical errors

All of the information and requirement of the assignment should be placed in the document what I post, If you have any question please let me know

Any character if you dont know, you can google or just read the PPT (because of the PPT was too big, so I can send to you by email).

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