5 questions on an article

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Read the attached article and use to answer the following questions.

  1. Identify five resources or capabilities that allow you to contrast Ashley with its closest competitors.
  2. Using your answers in (1), conduct a complete VRIO analysis of Ashley Furniture.
  3. Based on your VRIO analysis, which strengths (weaknesses) create competitive advantages (disadvantages).
  4. What is Ashley Furniture’s business level strategy?
  5. Based on your VRIO analysis, how effective is this business strategy (i.e., to what extent does this strategy generate more competitive advantages than disadvantages)?

Students will enter answers to the exercise questions by responding to polling questions in Nearpod. To receive credit for this exercise (10 points), students must attend class and submit answers to the poll questions.

Students who have an excused absence will have an opportunity to make up this class exercise.

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