A Letter of The Twenty Fourth Century Analysis

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I’ve attached the story to analyze for the assignment.

These are the instructions:
This week we have been exploring the Pulp Era, when science fiction became a distinct popular genre with its own artists and rules. As I noted in lecture, stories from this era tend toward one of two forms: they are either action-adventure oriented “space operas” or intellectual and philosophical “thought experiments.” Pick any one story we examined for this week and explore whether the story in question tends toward space opera, thought experiment, or has elements of both.

Pro-tip: If you aren’t already doing so, make sure that every time you give textual evidence–a quote, an image, a sound clip, a description of a scene, you follow up immediately with analysis. By “analysis,” I mean that after you give readers your evidence, you immediately explain *why* you chose that specific piece of evidence. What was it about that quote, image, or scene that really grabbed you? How does it help prove your specific thesis? Remember, your goal is to show off what you are learning in class, and in short assignments like this, every word counts.

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