a paragraph response to their debate

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First, before reading the debate, note if you are for or against the statement (before reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?). Then note if your position changed or remained the same after you read the debate (after reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?) In your paragraph, state your position (pro or con) before and after reading the debate. Give any insights on the debate or debate topic.

  • Topic: Rules against hate speech are too broad, and instead we should address the problem of hate speech by exposing it and discussing it in the classroom.PROThe term hate speech is used to describe any kind of expression that insults a person’s form of identity such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Every individual in the United States of America has the right of freedom of speech provided by the First Amendment. However, free speech could end up being interpreted as hate speech by a group that may feel attacked in some way, promoting disputes among groups. Dealing with hate speech is challenging, because a person could be expressing their views on a matter concerning a certain group in a genuine manner, but their expression could end up being insulting or inciting to another group (George, 2015). Therefore it is difficult to rule out whether an individual is expressing hate or just being genuine about their feelings. Rules against hate speech are broad and the problem should be addressed by exposing and discussing about it.In particular, hate speech brings about a broad view of the rights to be protected by the constitution; the rights of equal treatment and freedom of expression (George, 2015). America has a large presentation of individuals with different identities who need to be protected against expressions that may make them feel insignificant. Most times people have to go silent when they are being attacked based on their identity because everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts. The silence is the price one has to pay for freedom, and hate speech gets justified. There is a gray area in the rules directed against hate speech in the US as the government is not allowed to pick a side that they can favor or suppress in case of a debate. Due to that, making laws regarding hate speech in situations affecting a specific group of individuals would result to unconstitutional discrimination.For the most part, rules that should govern against hate speech are broad and very unclear. Therefore the best way to address the issue should be by exposing it as it is. Also the issue should be discussed in classrooms because everyone gets affected either directly or indirectly at some point. Also, schools have a wide representation of the identity groups present in a community. Acts of hate speech should be denounced in clear terms because silence and lack of response creates room for confusion, fear and distrust to develop (Willoughby, 2012). School administrators should make it clear that hate has no place in the school.In case a hate crime happens in or outside the school setting, exposing the act and discussing about it will promote healing to the group of individuals affected (Willoughby, 2012). Discussing about it will also help in formation of support for identity groups that may be targeted by hate speech. Talking about it will also enable everyone to give their perspective on the issue and form a deeper understanding of what the targeted groups may be going through, promoting cohesion in the community. Therefore talking about hate speech is the best way to address it than keeping quiet about it.

  • CONI would have to disagree with such statement; too many restrictions take away the meaning of freedom of speech.Although there were other laws passed later in relation to the First Amendment that “define” freedom of speech, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution allows people to speak freely without consequences.As a mother, I wouldn’t want my son exposed to such “hate” to early in life, let kids be kids and its up to parents to teach their child how to behave and treat one another.Manners start at home. There is no legal definition under U.S. law that defines “hate speech”. However, hate speech is any form of speech in which speakers connote to disparage or incite hatred against a group or class of a persons. As mentioned, the First Amendment protects speech no matter how offensive its content. Furthermore, to be more clear, it doesn’t protect behaviors that involves focusing threats or harassment, or creates a hostile environment. But simply, bigoted or offensive speech doesn’t raise to that level; figuring weather or not that line has been crossed is based on case-by-case basis.Weather we realize it or not, we all perform some sort of “hate speech” at one time or another. As not every single person in the world shares the same beliefs, even on what defines “hate speech”, thus leaving the grey area. There is a line and when its crossed, yes, there should be some sort of repercussion to the responsible person(s). However, what if someone has a gathering of people agreeing with their speech in a public space and someone was passing by chooses to yell out at the speaker with opposing ideas and that person is the one who creates the hostile environment, endangering others, whose at fault? Not the speaker. The person who reacted negatively to the speech is. Deciding at what age, in a classroom, gets to be exposed to discussing hate speech would be a tough job.I think raising our children to be more humbled, not be so sensitive and easily offended by others beliefs, but to offer help others and to be kind to one another, taking away from the classroom curriculum should be about learning, not hate speech. It should be about educating on history, mathematics, things that will affect them to be a responsible adult later in life. The focus in the classroom has shifted in what I consider a negative way.For example, they took away wood-shop class.Of course, not every student will grow to find a career in that field but meeting many younger people these days, they don’t understand how to change a door handle, or how to use a screw driver.To take even more time away from actually educating in the classroom, to spend time and funds on “hate speech” is quite repulsive.References:”Hate Speech and Hate Crime”, American Library Association, December 12, 2017.http://www.ala.org/advocacy/intfreedom/hate (Accessed March 19, 2019)

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