a small part of presentation about achieving competitive advantage, management homework help

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I am a degree student. My group and I have a presentation about achieving competitive advantage. My part of the presentation covers 2 points.

1. What customer NEEDS does the company’s products meet?

2. Using the VRIO Sustainability Model, assess the core company and rivals’ sustainable competitive advantage. 

The core company is Walmart.

The rivals are Target, Amazon, and Costco.

My answer for the first part was :

1- Price 

2- Customer Service  

3-Easy access to products

4-Many locations

5-Online shopping and shipping 

I need more information about this points and how they are important for the customers.

For the second part use the 5 points above to make the VRIO model and add more points.

Explain why the company excelled at every point, and Use 3 tables to compare the core company with its rivals. The first one Walmart with Amazon. The second Walmart with Target , The third, Walmart with Costco. 

Notes :

1- Use Simple words do not make it complicated.

2- I need Resources for the VRIO, so add the links for the resources. 

3- You can use websites as resources. For ex: the Companies’ websites. choose good famous websites.

4- For the VRIO Model If the 5 points that I mentioned are wrong use different points. If they are good use them and add more points to compare between the companies.

The work is not hard I wrote all that to make it clear for you

Thank you  

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