A161. Read the chapters 2-5 to write 2pages “What I know from chapters”

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What I Know Now From Chapters 2- 5

Plan to proactively engage a mindful approach to behavior modification or life change (future wellness) as you move through this course. Using each chapter as inspiration, you will critically apply concepts learned to your own life, authentically reflecting on what you can do differently to be both more proactive and positive as you move forward. Utilize the following format:

What I Know Now Template:

What concepts am I willing to take from this chapter to apply to my current life?

What are the personal and interpersonal requirements necessary to affect the desired outcome?

What steps will I take to set this new path into motion?

(Example: As you enter your early adult years you recognize that diet and exercise can have a personal and lifelong impact. What would that impact be and how would you make it happen)

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