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Term paper requires in accounting – Business Mangers

Please read the article that provided on the PDF file then make a Word file as following :

1 – Make a summary of the case 

2-Relationship of the Case to my work experience.

 here is a brief information about my work experience

I worked at a bank as a teller. My job responsibilities were to cash a check, Currency exchange، paying customers bills, withdrawal, and deposit.

So you can relate this case to my work experience as a bank teller.

3-Relationship of the Case to material covered in class.

This class is Accounting for Bussines management. Here are some topics that have covered in the class :

1- Managerial Accounting and the Business Environment (prologue)

2- Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts

3- Systems Design: Activity-Based Costing

4- Cost Behavior: Analysis and Use

I think you can find some information about them on the internet .

If you have hard time finding information please send me a privet message 

4 – make a conclusion about cost management system and how it is helpful for business .

Additional instruction 

1- this work must be done between 4 or 6 pages exclude cover page ( no more than 6 Pages ).

2- ( 1” margins on all four sides.1.5 line spacing.

Times-Roman font, 11 point font. )

3- I have a similar old case in the same class that got an “A-” with different work experiences If you will do my case I can send it in privet to have an idea.

Thank you

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