Ads and Analitics

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For your sixth blog entry, titled Blog 6, watch Jean Kilbourne’s Killing Us Softly III via this You Tube link:

Discuss your reaction to this video. Have you noticed, prior to this video, how ads distort, stereotype, and dehumanize women and manipulate people to buy their products? Discuss how this video contributed to a new understanding of differential gender representation. Find 5 ads that support the claims made in the video and describe their relevance.

Representative Visual Image: find 5 ad(s) that illustrate something that this video brought to your attention; take a picture (or screenshot) of the 5 ads

Suggested layout: In Word > choose the landscape orientation > under page layout; Copy and paste the 5 ads (in order: a credible source, not credible source, and attractive source) and list the URLs (centered under each ad). Take another screenshot to capture all 5 ads in one screen and use a program such as paint to save the image as a JPEG. Upload it into the media section in WP. This can be a neatly compartmentalized visual image that you select to accompany your blog.

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