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Assignment tasks :- 

Task 1: 

Discuss the impact of Accounting Information System (AIS) and its influence on corporate strategy commercial world. 

Hint: You are required to incorporate relevant examples based on historical information (empirical evidence) of corporate business houses and the change around strategy.

*  Relate it to the companies by giving references how they implemented and value added to its share value.

Task 2 : 

“Although not compulsory, environmental reports are becoming increasingly important”Discuss

Managers and stakeholders are increasingly aware of the importance of the environmental impact of the company in assessing the risks and trying to determine future profitability. Unfortunately, financial accounting systems often do not fully disclose these environmental costs. The reasons underlying this incomplete disclosure myriad, ranging from measurement issues in the structure diagram of the company accounts. In many ways, the challenges facing managers and stakeholders who are trying to assess the environmental costs of economic activities to remind issues arise when trying to determine the cost of producing low-quality products. Negative impact on the environment of economic activities can be considered as a failure in the same way that the negative impact of the production of defective products can be considered as a failure management. In addition, expenses incurred for the prevention and detection of environmental mishaps, and the cost of failure, particularly if they are not resolved within the framework of the company, can be overwhelming and unknowable. Based on the experience of the company and the use of quality reporting, this paper presents a model of environmental reporting costs to ensure greater transparency of the environmental impact of economic activities for managers and company stakeholders. “Hide 

Hint: Discuss the above with relevant references to the corporate world. How the stakeholder value will be maximized.

* Relate it to the companies by giving references how they implemented and value added to its share value.

Task 3 : 

“The international Accounting Standards Board (iASB) has begun a Joint project to revisit its conceptual framework for financial accounting and reporting; The goals of the project are to build on the existing frameworks and converge them into a common framework.”

Required : Discuss whether there is a need to develop an agreed International conceptual framework and the extent to which it can be used to resolve practical accounting issues.

*(Keywords:  Harmonization;Qualitative factors of financial accounting.) 

Task 4 : 

intellectual capital is becoming the preeminent resource for creating economic wealth. Tangible . assets such as property, plant, and equipment continue to be important factors in the production at both goods and services.  

However, their relative importance has decreased through time as the importance of intangible, knowledge-based assets has increased. This shift in importance has raised a number of accounting questions critical for managing assets such as brand names, trade secrets, production processes, distribution channels, and work-related competencies.

Required :  Discuss the above with relevant references to the corporate world. How the stakeholder value will be maximized in view of Intellectual Capital.

Hint: With reference to the components of Intellectual Capital as per Edvinsson and Malone(1997) and Brooking(1996)

*constructions and format of the assignment  :- 

  • introduction ( 150 – 200 words )
  • tasks answers : 
  1. Task 1 ( 350 words ) 
  2. Task 2 ( 350 words )
  3. task 3 ( 350 words ) 
  4. task 4 ( 350 words ) 
  • Limitations ( 150 – 200 words )
  • conclusion ( 150 – 200 words ) 
  • references

* support your assignment with relevant graphs, charts, tables( quantitative data) if applicable 

* the total of assignment =  1800 – 2000 words 

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