american history Phillis Wheatley slavery Anne Bradstreet life The celebrated jumping frog Calaveras County The Masque red death

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* Each question just needs about two paragraphs* * topics are related to american history*

question 1:Choose two of the woman authors from this semester.

Your choices are: Phillis Wheatley, Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Kate Chopin.
In two ACES responses, how does each of the authors present us a picture of what life was like for women during the time in which they lived?

question 2: Choose TWO of the stories or poems from this semester. In two paragraphs, explain how each of the selections you choose reflect something that is uniquely American.

Must know two of theses authors writing: mark twain’s, Thomas Jefferson, charles waddell chestnuts, Edgar Allan Poe, olaudah equiano, William Bradstreet,

stories to pick from:

1.The celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county by mark twain

2.Experts from William Bradford’s journal “of Plymouth plantation” by William Bradford

3.Equiano’s autobiography by Equiano

4.Common sense by Thomas Paine

5.Declaration of Independence by Thomas jefferson

6.The Masque of the red death by Edgar Allan Poe

7.The wife of his youth by Charles W.C Hesnutt… can use that link to help you

How to write the short answer questions: ACES

A = Answer the question with the topic sentence (Main Idea)

C = Cite text evidence with a specific detail (facts, examples, quotes, etc.)

E = Explain the evidence (your analysis, explanation, and connection between the text and the answer statement)

= Summary sentence (restate the main idea, take-away point)

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