Analyze an item of popular culture through a specific scholarly lens (Laderman’s article). Responses must show strong engagement with both the scholarly reading and the item of popular culture

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Important note: The response paper in not a research paper. Responses that show
evidence of using outside sources will receive a grade of zero.

Popular Culture Viewing: choose a recent Disney movie (one released in the
past decade or so) to pair with the Laderman reading, so as to examine intersections between
the reading and the movie is chosen. Response papers must follow the assignment details
below and be formatted as per the instructions on page two.

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: 1) In a coherent, critical 4-4½ page essay built in full sentences and paragraphs, students
are to examine intersections between Laderman’s article and the Disney movie chosen. 2) Neutral Summary/Synopsis (2 pages) – In own words, I have to provide a fair, neutral synopsis of the scholarly reading, making sure to
address the author’s major points. The primary focus should be the ideas and arguments
made. Here, be sure to articulate (clearly) what you think the author’s central thesis is. 3) Analysis (2 – 2½ pages) – For the analysis portion of the paper, use the arguments raised in the scholarly
reading to discuss and analyze ideas, questions, and problems that the movie you choose
addresses (making reference to specific scenes, characters, dialogue, and so forth).
Laderman’s article was written in 2000; as part of analysis, think about whether
Laderman’s argument is still relevant. We can critique the scholarly article and the
author’s argument(s), as long as the primary focus of your analysis is intersections between
the reading and the movie. There is no need to force fit ‘religion’ into analysis.

  • Response papers must be no fewer than 4 pages and no more than 4½ pages long.
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