Annotated Bibliographies

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I will give you 10 articles, 5 from my University library (files pdf, 2 files for 1 article, 1 file is the information about the article for you to do a citation and 1 is the content of the article) and others 5 from the internet (the link). Read all 10 articles and do the annotated bibliographies ( I attached an example for you to see how I want it to get done), you have to do a citation and a little bit summary on each article, please look at an example, see how they get it done. I want mine like that.

3500 words

Remember: APA 6th edition style include the DOI number if the article has it.

Study pool doesn’t allowed me to upload all 10 files in here so I just uploaded an example, and 2 articles first, I will upload more when we talk about it.

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