Annotated bibliography and research paper the support for students with learning differences in elementary schools.

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the annotated bibliography(4 sources) is linked to the research paper ( sources including the 4 from the bibliography)

Task: Create an annotated bibliography of four sources that could be used for your research project, including at least two articles from scholarly journals.

Length: Four citations, each with an annotation of approximately 150 words

Sources: Four sources related to your research question, including at least two from scholarly journal articles. The annotated bibliography contributes to the research project by helping you collect and analyze your sources. The outcomes for this assignment are listed below, with the associated course outcomes in parentheses:

  • Identify valid and reliable sources that can be used in the composition of a research essay
  • Explain the nature of selected sources and their relevance of sources to the research essay
  • Set up an annotated bibliography in APA format
  • Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing What to doP
  • Develop research question
  • Submit research essay
    Following the explanation in the videos posted in class, create an annotated bibliography of four sources. For each source, include:
    • Reference citation in APA format
    • Annotation of 150 ±25 words, with o summary
    Formatting your assignment
    Incorporate these elements of APA style:
    • Use one-inch margins.
    • Double space.
    • Use an easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point.

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