Answer 4 question Q1 and Q2 400word answer,Q3 and Q4 1000word answer.

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1. Descartes and Marx are in a bar, arguing about what is “really real”.What do they say?(400 word)

2. Birth control is a form of eugenics. Your answer should include a definition of eugenics (TEXT!), its purpose, and how it related to science and the Myth of progress.(400 word)

3. What is Modernity? Describe the social changes that brought it about, its prevailing ideas, and its understanding of the human self. What’s a big problem with Modernity?(800 word)

4. Analyze “the Couple in the Cage” and ” Sara Baartman: The Hottentot Venus” in relation to three of the following: colonialism; art as social protest; the limitations of rationalism; gender bias and “The Male Gaze”(1000 word)

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