answer some questions

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 I work in Troy TrojanVision; I do the audio and camera. 

There are some questions need to answer.

Did this internship meet the goals and objectives set by you and your
on-the-job supervisor? 

Yes or No,

What were some of the specific tasks/projects you completed during this

Briefly describe the schedule you were required to follow during this
internship? (I do it in week day from noon to afternoon)

Q4.Would you recommend this agency for future interns? 

Yes or No, Explain:

Additional Comments:

Describe any changes in your responsibilities since your last report.

Write a brief list of your activities at this internship agency.

Write a critical assessment of your internship activities measured
against your initial objectives for this internship.

Write an analysis of the value of your internship in terms of your
personal and career objective.

Q10. What
is your advice to students who might wish to intern or work at your internship

I have attached a file to help you do Q6 to Q10.

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