Answering four questions about a 23 pages article about racial measurements in the American Census

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two paragraphs for each is enough.

1. The racial and ethnic categories included on the US Census have changed over time, often reflecting the political climate of the time. In your own words, briefly describe two ways (two events or pieces of evidence) that politics influence how we think about race and ethnicity in the United States.

2. Snipp notes that between 1950 and 1960 the American Indian population increased by 48%, while the total US population increased only 18%. What lead to this increase?

3. Directive No. 15 has impacted social science research in a number of ways. Some of these impacts were positive, others were problematic. Identity one way in which Directive No. 15 aided social science research, and one way in which it complicated social science research

4. Briefly reflect upon how this reading could help you or others better understand 1) race and ethnicity as social constructs, 2) how things that are socially constructed have real world consequences, and 3) how power relates to the social categories that order our lives

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