Answering some questions on FIDIC

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i need help to answer 13 question on fidic.

each question is needed to be answered in very few sentences (3-4 )

Answer each question by it self not as paper.

these are the questions :

1. What Constitutes Acceptance?

2. What is the sanction if the Contractor fails to commence within the contractual time?

3. What is the requirement that should be found in the programme? Is the programme a contract documents?

4. What are the procedures for requesting extension of time for an event having a continuing effect?

5. What are the obligations of the Contractor during Suspension?

6. Shall the Contractor await the approval on the valuation of variations before commencing the variation?

7. Are the climatic conditions included in the unforeseeable physical conditions?

8. When Can the Contractor apply for a Taking over Certificate? What are the procedures for the issue of a Taking over Certificate?

9. Can the LD’s be reduced? When?

10. Who bears the cost of remedying defects?

11. Is the Employer entitled to terminate the Contract for Convenience?

12. When will be the Payment due on Termination by Contractor?

13. What is the procedures for claims?

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