Apply Porter’s model to an organization Worksheet

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“Using Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze the
competitiveness of the________ industry
for company Y”. – Worksheet

Select a business- business unit you will be
conducting the analysis for. Start collecting your information

Select your business:

Name of Business: ____________________

•Provide a clear description of company

•What are the Business units within the company?

•What are the main products/services?

•Are you doing the analysis for a particular business unit or the entire company- dependent on the company you may select a specific business unit for this analysis

{Companies compete in many industries. Due to the duration of this class, it may be advantageous to select a business unit to conduct your analysis e.g. If Apple is your selected company, you may analyze Apple smart phones or Apple PCs.)

•What industry is this business unit competing within?

Identify the Industry

( if your business unit is Apple smart phones then your industry is the smart phone industry)

•Overview of the Industry/competitive environment

•provide a clear description/positions and names of key players in that industry

• including scope, size, growth forecast, market share, stage(mature, emerging, declining)

•Identify direct and indirect competitors

•Basis for competition

Now for the industry analysis utilizing porters

I just want one force(( Threat of Competitive rivalry))

Gather the information on
Threat of Competitive rivalry

Threat of Competitive rivalry is (use ranking e.g High/Low or 1-5)if

List your reasons to support your conclusion

Are there any
opportunities? How?

How does Information
Systems affect this force?

gathering all the information, analyze the results, what impact does this force

your findings, make recommendations. Formulate strategies based on your findings

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