argumentative essay about the story the talk ( Ta-Nehisi ), English Assignment Homework Help

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I want someone write an argumentative essay about the story ” the talk ( Ta-Nehisi ) ” , that have a picture on it .  The essay is based on the article given in class and the question is: “Do you think ‘the talk’ is necessary for minority group members?” You should agree or disagree and have three reasons/claims why . Below , I am going to upload many papers and example will help you on writing the essay . ( make sure to write it in very easy words  ) 

For the body paragraphs make sure you have:


-quote from the article that corresponds to the claim (Burney writes, states, claims, believes)

-example (hypothetical)

acknowlege the opposing view (Some people believe… or use a particular person’s belief from the article)

Keep in mind the article is written by Lawrence Burney and he is discussing a book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.


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