Argumentative Essay- Illegal Immigration in the US

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Essay length: 2000 words minimum

Sources from annotated bibliography needed: 8

Style guidelines: MLA

Due: 11/8/18

Assignment- RESEARCH: Illegal Immigration in the United States. I researched what makes people illegally immigrate here and is it a good or bad thing for the US. Develop an argument that stems from that research!!!!!!!!!!!


For this assignment, you will write sustained argument stemming from your research this semester. This assignment will be developed from the annotated bibliography and other assignments you have already completed for class. This essay will represent a sustained critical argument drawing from your research to examine and interpret a given situation, event, or subject persuasively. In other words, you are answering your research question as completely as possible. Your essay must be 2000 words minimum, and must make use of at least eight sources from your annotated bibliography assignment. Your paper should adhere to the latest MLA style guidelines for research papers. A successful paper will do the following:

  • Articulate a thesis as an answer to your research question, and support it with a reasonable argument and authoritative evidence.
  • Develop the argument with well-written prose, effective organization, accurate grammar & usage, and appropriate academic language.
  • Provide an adequate background and context for the argument you wish to make, and explain why your research question and thesis are important for this background and context.
  • Properly utilizing researched evidence by effectively integrating each source using both prose signposts and MLA citation to indicate another’s work while maintain coherence and readability.
  • Reasonably account for opposition to your argument or differences surrounding it. Do not simply reject your “opponents” but account for their critiques within the development of your own argument.
  • Argue the significance of your argument: Where does it get us? How does it address the problems you outlined? What should we do now? Where can changes be made? Your argument should have a point, a “Who cares?” that grounds it in your research and experience.
  • Include a works cited with correct MLA citations for each of your 8 sources (do not include annotations, only citations).

I attached past assignments that involve this assignment. Feel free to change add or adjust. The sources on the attachments can be used and should be attached to the end of the document.

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