Aristotle and Epictetus

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No MLA style required. No sources needed. Opinion based. Extremely short responses is all that is required.

1. How, according to Aristotle, does reason determine right action? How does this connect with the general principle that virtuous action is a mean between extremes? (HINT: Read “Happiness and the Virtues” by Aristotle)

2. Aristotle’s view: What is happiness and how does it relate to virtue?

3. Epictetus claims that his Stoic teachings protect and enhance the dignity of those who apply them. How does he argue this claim? Do you think he is right? Explain. (HINT: Read “The Art of Living”)

4. Epictetus warns against the dangers posed by one’s desires. What dangers does he have in mind? What solutions does he propose?

Post your thoughts and comments on items 1 – 4 above:

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