Art 105

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You can choose paintings, sculptures or any kind of art objects that made an impression on you. It could have come from the e-text, or videos or online works you saw.

In a 300 word synopsis, answer the following:

1) Name three objects and the artist who created each one. Give dates if possible as to when the works were created and the materials the artist used if available.

The artist I chose is Pablo Picasso and three of his paintings are The Old Guitarist, Les Desmoiselles d’Avigon and the Weeping Woman

2) Write about each object, and include a jpg of each with your paper.

3) In describing each work answer the following:

* What is it about this work that impressed you and why?

* Be specific about the elements of art: composition, color, shapes, forms, textures, and other information you learned from the readings of the e-text, discussion forum, or video and papers you wrote.

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