ART 1301 . PowerPoint or word I can do the powerpoint

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I have the photo with a Selfie

To receive full credit (50 points) for your TEAM Gallery Critical Review Power-point, you must complete your review as outlined in the rubric. Remember to include a photo of yourself beside the work of art as proof of attendance. Your critical review/powerpoint will NOT be accepted without the required photos. You must submit the Critical Review power-point as an attached .ppt file to the Team Gallery submission box located under the Submit Assignments button, Module3 folder. Your TEAM will be creating a power point as a part of the Critical Thinking and Teamwork Student Learning Outcomes assignments.

If you use any sources in your reviews or worksheets, whether an online research source or a printed research source, be sure to cite the source in your reviews. Be very careful about plagiarism. No cutting and pasting from the internet.

Before you place this in the submission box, use the Team Gallery Review Grading Rubric Chart as a check list to be sure you have included everything.

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