artcle summary 2

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this is what the professor said :

    • Choose articles based on your research question, not based on what you think your case studies might be. (For example: if you are really interested in terrorists in China, find articles about insurgencies and terrorist groups generally; if you are really interested in corruption in Tawain, find articles about corruption generally.)
    • In about two pages per article describe, as precisely as possible, the following:
      • the research question(my research question is why do some rich countries have strict air pollution laws than others )
      • the hypothesis (in the article )
      • the key independent variables(in the article )
      • the dependent variable (in the article )
      • the units of observation(countries are compared in the article )
      • the findings and conclusion

      i will submit a sample for my friend paper just to see how she wrote it and i will give you the artcle that you are going to summaries

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