Artist Critique Outline

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Find a piece of artwork from a museum online. Preferably in Miami or New York. Provide 1 main view of the work and 2 different close-ups focusing on important details that you will discuss in your writing. In addition, you must include a photograph of the label next to the artwork that indicates the artist, title, medium and date. Total of 4 images.Capture your immediate impression of the piece in writing. Reflect upon how it makes you feel and what it reminds you of. This should be a detailed paragraph.


Conduct personal research of the artist and artwork. You can do this by researching online sources, looking for information in books, magazines, newspapers, etc. If an artist is local, you may be able to reach out for an interview. It is important that you select an artwork that you can easily research.

Write an Outline

Compose a detailed topic outline of your ideas. It will help you organize your thoughts and prepare you to write a successful critique. You must follow directions on how to write a critique outline found in the Course Orientation under Writing in Art 010: Composing an Outline. This part of the assignment must be submitted for instructor feedback prior to submitting your narrative, which will be due in a few weeks.

Cite Your Research

Just as you have been citing sources for all of the previous assignments, please do the same for this one. These may include online research and books you utilized for research purposes. For guidance on proper citation practices please refer to the Course Orientation under Writing in Art 010: Proper Citing.

Please follow this order:

  • The title, artist’s name, year of creation, medium
  • Four images: 1 main, 2 close-ups, 1 label
  • First Impression Statement
  • Outline
  • Cited Research

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