Ashford University Biological Organisms and Chemistry Questions

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Directions: Complete the following questions

  1. What 3 types of bonds are typically found in biological organisms? Describe each type of bond and why it is important.
  1. List and explain two properties of water and how they are each attributed to its polarity.
  1. Give two examples of functional groups that might be found on the outside of a globular protein (i.e. in contact with aqueous solutions). Explain your choices.
  1. Explore the prefix and root words of the following terms: Dehydration (condensation) synthesis and Hydrolysis. Connect what happens in these respective reactions to the definitions of the prefixes and root words contained in each.
  1. Explain why, based on their chemical structure, lipids are classified as “hydrophobic” molecules. Then, explain how your body might make use of functional groups in the transport of lipids through the bloodstream.

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