Assessing Pay Strategy

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TITLE- Strategic Compensation
Individual Case Analysis: Pay Strategy


Organizational problems can occur when the organization’s pay system does not drive required employee
behaviours or company performance, and ultimately doesn’t support the organization to meet its business
goals. Identifying the best compensation strategy for an organization involves selecting the performance pay
plans that best fits the employer.

For this assignment, critically examine a business case to gain a better understanding of the
problems that can be caused when an organization uses a pay system that does not fit with its organizational

The purpose of this assignment is to:
• Gain an understanding of the different types of performance pay plans available to employers.

• Gain an understanding of the problems a mismatch between pay systems and organizational goals
can create.

  • Critically analyze a business problem to recommend how compensation can resolve a businessproblem.
  • Enhance critical thinking and writing skills.
  • Strengthen planning and time management skills.
  • Overview

    1. Review the assignment in its entirety to ensure you fully understand the requirements. If you have

    questions, please ask.

    2. Read the case “Alliston Instruments.

    3. Provide a brief overview of the problem that the company is facing.

    4. Discuss the role of the organization’s pay system in driving its business problem and provide rationale.

    5. Recommend the pay system that would be a better “fit” with the company’s goals and required employee


    I will be marking the quality and professionalism of the writing, the adherence to additional source material, and the quality of applying


    Written paper with a maximum of 1500-words following APA formatting, citations and referencing.

    This report should include:

    a) Cover sheet – APA formatted with student’s name, title of paper, my name, course #, and WORD COUNT.

    (See APA guidelines). WORD COUNT does not include cover page or reference page(s).

    b) The introduction should include:

    i. A Purpose Statement – you will be graded on how well you support and explain your purpose

    statement throughout your paper.

    c) The body of your paper should discuss:

    i. An overview of the business problem.

    ii. Your analysis of how the company’s current pay system is creating the business problem with


    iii. Your recommendation of the pay system that would resolve the business problem and support

    achievement of goals.

    d) The paper should conclude with:

    i. a paragraph explaining how you demonstrated and supported your purpose statement.

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