Assignment – Literature Review: Topic Approva

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The purpose of this assignment is to explore a sub-population of Hispanic elders (e.g. Mexican, Dominican Republican, Cuban, Salvadoran, etc.) through scholarly articles.


Conduct a literature review using a minimum of three (3) scholarly articles and summarize the findings specific to a chosen sub-population in a five-six (5-6) page paper (excluding title and reference page). There are two parts to this assignment: 1) Sub-group determination and article approval; 2) Final literature review

Part One: Sub-group and Approval

Before you write the body of your literature review you first must obtain instructor approval on your articles.

  • Determine which Hispanic, elderly sub-group (e.g. Mexican, Dominican Republican, Cuban, Salvadoran, etc.) you will explore.
  • Research and find a minimum of three (3) quality scholarly articles which directly address your sub-group.

You may want to utilize the Sueltenfuss Library and the librarians as resources for your articles.

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