four to six page essay times new roman font 12 point size font double spacing with page numbers on each page

There are two question to answer in for the essay.

  • Answer both questions, using approximately two to three pages for each question.
  • Answer them in a way that weaves the questions together into one coherent essay.
  • Make sure your answers employ and reference the terms and ideas covered in our course readings and online lectures.
  • Give examples to support your ideas and be specific.

Number 1:

  • In the context of the lectures and rhetoric covered in class, consider your opinion of President Bush’s decision to go to war after 9-11.
  • Answer:
    • Was the President right, or wrong, to go to war after 9-11? Why or why not?
    • Has the president’s vision of life following 9-11 come true? Why or why not?

    Question 2:

    • As citizens of a great democracy, consider your present day environment and circumstances in the context of our course content:
      • post 9-11, post Iraq War, troop reductions in Afghanistan, democracy protests across the mid-east, and increased technology grassroots activism across the US, too.
    • Answer:
      • What is the number one priority facing US citizens today? Why?
      • How can you advocate or be an activist for this issue?
      • Which Communication Activist strategies would you use to successfully advocate or protest your position?

      Side Notes:

    • Try to be somewhat neutral in your arguments. I don’t need it to be perfect but if you could just make to have a bibliography, that would be great. Also it is due tomorrow so if you could get it done I will add a tip. Thank you!