geology history report

After you have completed the three field geology labs (the middle of the story on campus, the beginning of the story at Red Rocks/Dino Ridge, and the end of the story at North Table Mountain), you will have the information and experiences needed to write a geologic history of the Golden Valley. This should be written in paragraph form starting from the oldest formations and events and ending with the most recent formations and events. The instructors gave you measured dates for the formations to use in your report, so for each time period you should describe the rocks present, the features of the rock that give you information about the environment at the time and the events that were taking place. You can’t simply give a list of events, but must include the evidence you saw that allowed the conclusions of events you make. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, double spaced, with 12 pt type, Times New Roman font, and 1” margins.

lab videos links:

Red Rocks EP1:

Red Rocks EP2:

Red Rocks Ep3:

Red Rocks Ep4:

Red Rocks Ep5:

Red Rocks Ep6:

Red Rocks Ep7:

Red Rocks Ep8:

Red Rocks Ep9:

North Table Ep1:

North Table Ep2:

North Table Ep3:

North Table Ep4:

North Table Ep5: