chapter 4 summary

Chapter summary should be its own self-contained explanation of that chapter. The summary paper should succinctly summarize the important points and events of that chapter. Each summary document should be 2 pages excluding the title page. The document should be double spaced with a font size no larger than 12, no smaller than 10.

The book is: Between Two Fires A Fire History of Contemporary America, Stephen J. Pyne. ISBN 978-0816532148

I also need you to answer this from chapter 4 on a separate file, (Over the years, the federal government has become more involved in our daily lives. This involvement is sometimes prompted by their having to be involved in rescue and recovery efforts after a disaster. Events such as hurricanes and floods tend to strike the same areas over and over. One of the programs the government created can allow land in a flood plain to be condemned so that people can no longer build there. Again, this usually after repeated flooding has taken place. Should the government consider invoking the same rights in areas that are consistently plagued with Wildfire? An prime example are the “houses in the hills” in California that are textbook cases of people building in the Wildland Urban Interface. Dry weather and Santa Anna winds create untenable fire conditions in these areas year after year. Should we risk lives and spend millions to fight the fires in these areas or draw line in the sand and say you get burnt out more than X times…then you cannot build again?)