topic 1 dq 2 paragraph

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.

The things I’m most looking forward to during this educational experience is becoming a better student and exploring important topics in nursing with my peers. Broadening my knowledge and discussing key concepts in nursing with people across the country is very exciting.

My greatest fear is not doing well in school. Work-life balance can sometimes be so hard in this profession. I fear that adding school to the mix will be overwhelming and my grades will suffer. I know that I can overcome it by staying on task. I have to allot ample time to do my school work. If I put the time in, work hard, and submit my best work, I will do well!

I left the business industry of 13 years to go back to nursing school. I was extemely scared that I would fail. These two fields were completely unrelated. I hadn’t been in school in over 20 years. I was scared to death! I overcame it by studying very hard. When things were unclear, I would go to my faculty for help. I watched youtube videos for especially hard topics. I recorded lectures so I could listen to them again to get information I may have missed the first time. We formed a study group that met once a week. I was a better student as an adult then when I was younger. Graduating from nursing school was one of my life’s greatest accomplishments.