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You just need to respond to these 2 answers separate them though as question 1 and 2 the response only needs to be 150 words the question is about the chapter 4 of the one you are doing now.

Taylor Osborne

Chapter 4: Essay Q #3


I think that public relations efforts should be administered by police officers who are trained in public relations, because it can give the community a chance to see the police officers doing something other than preventing crime. Public relation programs such as the Police Athletic League are run by police officers, who help troubled children and teach them valuable skills to turn their life around. I think that can be very effective for cities where street crime is very high and in some cases that all is all some children know is how to act like a criminal.

It is really important for the public and the police to have a strong sense of trust, and be on a good page, because if that is the case, citizens will be more likely to report crime to the police. While the police are being actively involved in the community in other ways than preventing crime, I believe that can make the public feel more confident in the police. I am not opposed to outsider professionals on contract administering public relation efforts, perhaps both the police and the outside professionals can work together to trusting, positive relationship with the public.


Chapter 4 Essay Question 2-3.


The police departments can change the way the public views the police officers, but there is only so much the department can do. The department could hold a public barbecue to invite any and all races to the event, making them feel welcome. By holding a public get together, this will show and hopefully make the minorities change their mind about police officers, showing that first responders are there to help and protect those in danger. The police department is not limited to only hosting a public barbecue, they have many options. The second option could be hosting a public forum, letting the community share their concerns about policing and potentiality give ideas to the department, aiding them in bettering the department.

In order to see the effectiveness of the ideas being presented, the department should go door to door within the neighborhood and personally ask said communities if they have seen a difference within the department, or have a box near the police department, letting those that want to stay anonymous leave suggestions in the box, and let the department investigate if said suggestions would be effective. Starting with extracting data and compare any studies from the past to see if said suggestions would work.