basic excel homework 1

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merge the two excel datasets then

  • Go to the GINI coefficient dataset and delete all irrelevant columns as well as all data preceding the year 1990
  • Use the V-Look up or Match-Index combination to merge each country with its appropriate geographic region. There may be countries/country codes that are misspelled and some entries that are not countries that need to be removed. You need to take care of both issues.Feel free to remove any entries that give you a lot of trouble, but try to avoid that as much as possible.
  • Once you have every country matched with its corresponding region, create a list of GINI coefficients averaged out for each year for a given region. You can do that using filters and sorting functions. Feel free to use any other method. Ignore the missing values in the average.
  • Finally, you will end-up with a list of the world regions and a GINI coefficient average for each year. Graph that on one graph.


  • A sheet showing the following after the merge:(4 – 6 pages maximum) (5 pts for organization)
    • A column numbering the rows. 1,2,3,….,etc.(2 pts)
    • The country Code(2 pts)
    • The country name (abbreviated if necessary) (1 pts)
    • Region (5 pts)
    • The country data for the following years: 1990, 2000, 2010, and 2014(10 pts)
  • One sheet showing the aggregated averages over all years between 1990 – 2014 for the different World Regions. For submission, you will need to transpose this so that the Years are on the rows and the regions are the columns. (Less than 4 pages). (20 pts)
  • One sheet displaying the graph of all the trends from 1990 – 2014 for all world regions(10 pts)

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