what are the elements of group communication

The ability to recognize and explain the elements of the communication process is the beginning of truly understanding how to prepare for and deliver effective oral presentations. When we are able to recognize the elements of the communication process, we are then able to think more critically about the other factors involved in the effective delivery of the manner, which we communicate.

For this assignment, you will view a Ted Talk and explain how the speech uses some of the elements of public speaking and working in groups as discussed throughout the text. . After viewing the speech, prepare a one- to two-page paper (not including title and reference pages) with an introduction and conclusion, formatted according to MLA style. Provide an explanation for the elements of group communication; it is okay to identify a theme or concept viewed in text in comparison or contrast to information provided in the text.

You must format your in-text citations for both the textbook and the selected speech video according to MLA style.