sociology discussion 6 1

Part 1


What do you conclude about racism and racial identity in reading # 31 (Showing my Color by Clarence Page)? Do you think the reading is still relevant today? (3 pts)

The sociologist, William Wilson, argues that social class is more important than race in determining the life chances of African-Americans.
Quoting the textbook and/or the Reader &/or current events, please present Wilson’s argument and state if you agree with him or not and why. (5 pts) ( text book is attached under part 1)

Reply to anther student in a meaningful way using your sociological knowledge. (2 pts)

Part 2

watch this: (Links to an external site.)

We learn from the Milgram’s experiment that: Most People, regardless of their sex, class, education, or religious backgrounds will perform acts of destructive obedience if they are placed in a situation where it is demanded of them.

Do you think the results are surprising or counter-intuitive? Please quote from the textbook (chapter 6)( text book is attached under part 2) . What percentage of subjects obeyed orders? Why? (6 pts)

Can you think of contemporary instances of over-conformity? (2 pts)

Reply to another student (2 pts)