hinkley case study



You are being given a printed copy of background and case study information on John Hinckley, Jr.. Please read through the materials provided and then respond to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Your responses should be typed in Times New Roman12 point font and double spaced. Please place your name at the top of the page; it is not necessary to create a cover page.

1.What is the difference between “competency to stand trial” and “insanity”? Was Hinckley found competent to stand trial? (5 points)

2.There were three mental health experts that testified for the defense in the trial that Hinckley was mentally ill: Dr. William Carpenter, Dr. David Bear and Dr. Ernest Prelinger. What mental health diagnosis did each of these experts say Hinckley met criteria for? (Some were more specific than others). What evidence did each of these experts used to support their argument that Hinckley was mentally ill? (Hint: Each one used different types of evidence to support their diagnosis). (60 points)

3.The prosecution used Dr. Park Dietz as their mental health expert. He did not believe Hinckley was mentally ill. What arguments did he use to try to prove Hinckley was not mentally ill? (Name at least 3) (5 points)

4.What is the M’Naghten rule? What is the Durham rule? (Hint: Your textbook may be helpful here.) (5 points)

5.In light of the Hinckley trial results changes were made to the insanity defense. The Insanity Defense Reform Act was put into place. It created four major changes to using the insanity defense. What where these changes? (Hint: Your textbook may be helpful for this response). (10 points)

6.What is the Guilty But Mentally Ill verdict? What does it say? (5 points)

7.Proper APA Format and Grammar (10 points)