argumentative essay does money bring happiness

Hello I have to write and Argumentative essay in which I’ve never written one but I have most of the parts that need to be included. The Introduction needs to be written with Some history about Money and Happiness and also needs a thesis statement. This essay is a Pro and Con essay so the first Paragraph will Be Pro stating that money does bring happiness. I have all the facts that I found in my Article so Please put those 3 facts in the first paragraph bc afterwards I will cite them from the article I have in which I found them. The Second paragraph will be the same just (Against) stating that money does NOT bring happiness and use the 3 facts I put there as well because I will cite them afterwards then use a Transition towards the conclusion. When you get to the conclusion please restate the thesis, argue the Pro Side Stating that money DOES bring happiness and supporting details (Facts). The pictures attached will have all of the facts and on the top right of each paragraph you’ll see if it’s Pro or Against…. Hope i didn’t confuse you but if you have any questions please feel free too ask..