revision help on communication essay from lisp to gold the life of michael phelps 1

please help me revise this essay base on advice ( I will give it to you)


  • Background information on Michael Phelps
  • Thesis statement: Michael Phelps was able to overcome having a lisp to become one of the most renowned Olympic athletes proving that sometimes naturally occurring differences in the way human beings speak can be embraced.

Body Paragraph 1:

  • Background on lisping
  • How does it develop? What are the causes?
  • Prognosis/Treatment options
  • What are some of the stigmas associated with lisping

Body Paragraph 2:

  • What did Michael Phelps do to deal with his lisping?
  • Has it worked for him?


Speaking differently or not being able to pronounce a particular letter doesn’t have to shatter a person’s dreams. They can still achieve their goals. Having a positive attitude when faced with a speech impediment is the most important aspect of any treatment plan.