read a article about aristotle and write an argument based on quot character must be considered power rather than a passion quot

Purpose: In this critical analysis paper, the group is to present an argument about the article: Aristotle on Improving One’s Character.

1: identify and explain the critical argument that the author (Muzio) is making

2: provide your own argument about the author’s argument. One of the key issues with critical analysis papers is that students often see the assignment as a summary – this is not a summary or a book report. You are evaluating the author’s argument than making your own argument.

Critical Thinking Skills: This assignment is intended to expose the fact that even though authors are highly qualified, they are still advancing an argument and providing evidence–their aim is to persuade you that their argument is true, not to just present facts.

Analyze whether or not you find Muzio’s argument compelling. Following are key points related to evaluating arguments:

• Identify the key arguments presented

• Determine the author’s main thesis

• Identify the evidence or support that was used

• What are the implications of this argument?


Your writing assignment has two components:

1. Identify and explain the critical argument that the author (Muzio) is making

2. Provide your own argument about that argument.

• This is a group assignment. The paper must be collective work.

• All submitted papers must be uploaded to the appropriate assignment section in Module 10. The file name must include your group number. No group member names are to appear in the paper (The title page should only include your group number)

• A paper is considered late if it does not meet the above condition. Late papers will be assessed against the Late Submission Policy located within the syllabus.

• Papers should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length, typed, doubled-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins. References not included.

• Peer-reviewed scholarly research should be used for reference that support your key points.

• To avoid plagiarism, your paper must have similarity index less the 20%.

I’m in charge of the part how character is not a passion. Should be more than 300 words.